Building Access

Kimball Towers is a secure building. It is everyone’s responsibility to help keep our building secure. Any violation may result in a $100 fine.
Visitors and Guests
Please have your guest call you from the front door. The resident will greet their guest at the front door and have them sign in with the guard at the front desk. All adult guests need to have a picture ID to present to the guard.
Emergency Exits
are for emergencies only. Do not exit or enter through any Emergency Exit. Do not open an Emergency Door to let someone else in. Any unauthorized use will result in a fine.
Hand Reader Access
The hand reader give our residence access to the building with the convenience of not carrying a key or card. Please see the office when you move in to register with the hand reader.
Do not open the door and allow access to strangers. If you have an issue with someone getting in, don't put yourself in harm's way, notify the guard or office staff.
Security Guards
The Security Guards are not doormen. They are here to protect the residents and guests, along with our building

Common Areas

The common hallways, lobby, elevators, and laundry rooms are used by everyone
Please keep the hallways clear of all items. Do not leave any trash, doormats, or any other items outside your door. All permanent items to be placed in the hallway must be approved by the Board of Managers. Absolutely no playing, bikes, skates, balls, skateboards, etc. are allowed in any common area including the hallways.
Laundry rooms are available from 7AM to 10PM each day. Please be careful with the cards as there is no refund for damaged or lost cards. You may add credit to your laundry card at the Mac-Gray machine in the lobby.
All trash must be bagged and placed in the trash barrels provided. Most floors have a trash room near the Freight Elevator. Do not leave trash outside your door.
Recycle Bins
Blue recycle bins are next to the trash barrels. Please place all food containers, soda, water bottles and cans, cardboard, newspaper, etc in the blue bins. Please no pizza boxes.
The Passenger Elevators are NOT to be used for moving furniture, bikes, dogs over 30 lbs., or other large items. Please use the freight elevator at the back of the building. Do not abuse the elevators by pushing both the up & down buttons, multiple buttons or buttons already pushed.

Other Info

Unreasonable Noise
Please be courteous to your neighbors and keep noise levels to a minimum. Quiet hour at Kimball Towers is from 10PM to 7AM every day. Make sure that the sounds do not carry outside your unit to the units above, below or beside you.
There is absolutely NO SMOKING allowed anywhere in Kimball Towers. You may smoke inside your unit with permission from the owner of that unit. Please make sure any smoke from your unit does not flow in to the hallway.
Vandalism, Graffiti, and Littering
Vandalism, Graffiti, and Littering will not be tolerated. Any resident, visitor, or guest caught will be fined and charged the cost of repair or cleanup.
Dress Code
Appropriate attire is required in the common areas. No bare feet or sleepwear are allowed. Shirts and appropriate shorts/pants/etc are required.
You are responsible for you own keys. If you get locked out you have five options:
  1. In case of an EMERGENCY, CALL 911. The fire department can gain access to the keys or break down your door.
  2. Contact your unit owner if you need extra keys or get locked out.
  3. You may call a locksmith.
  4. If the office is open, Office staff can open your door if they are available. There is a $10.00 fee for this service.
  5. If the office is closed, you may check with the guard to see if the building maintenance staff is available to open your door. There is a $50.00 fee for this service.
This is not a complete list of our rules and regulations. Please see the office for more a more detail list. Unit owners should get a copy of the bylaws, master deeds, etc from the previous owner when they purchase their unit.